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Tim Bruce

actor | singer | writer

actor | singer |  writer | voice-over | cartoons | audiobooks | audio description | roleplay | opera | music theatre | Indian music


Audible Approved Narrator/Producer

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Reviews of

Eternity in an Hour

‘There are many reasons to go see Eternity in an Hour, but perhaps the most compelling is the stunning performance by UK actor Tim Bruce. Inspired by the life and work of English poet, painter and printmaker William Blake, Eternity in an Hour is a theatrical smorgasbord of dancing, singing and storytelling, wonderfully presented in an entertaining package. The piece inspires and delights while offering a glimpse into the heart of a man searching for beauty all around him.’  

Joanna Bowzer, New York Theatre Review

Stephen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

‘…a perfect tribute... full of lots of divine stuff...’

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