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Tim Bruce

actor | singer | writer

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Audible Approved Narrator/Producer

ITV's "Bottom Knocker Street"

Series character photos from top to bottom:

Manic Street Cleaner, Perry the Alien, Charlie Artman, Bert Trousers, Major Lector, Mayor Mayer, Galactic special agent Buddy Power, King Colin Cowdrey and many more...

Tim Bruce stars with Phill Jupitus in 32 episodes of ITV's  'Bottom Knocker Street', playing a whole host of crazy comedy characters (22 of them!), in the latest kid's comedy creation by Keith Littler at Fubuloo.



Perry the Alien in 'He Came From Outer Space'

Golden Man in 'The Magpie Thief'

Major Lector in 'The Puckled Wranger'

Galactic special agent Buddy Power in 'The Pring Tickler'

Colin Cowdrey in 'King Cowdrey' & 'Fairy Jail'

Mayor Mayer in 'Going Nowhere' & 'Fenella Fenn the Comedienne'

Councillor Sally Dervish in 'Cowdrey's Replacement'

Charlie Artman in 'The Magic Pencil'

Bert Trousers in 'The World of Veg'

Agent Manager in 'Fenella Fenn the Comedienne'

Mayor of Lower Mintworth in 'The Mayor and the Bear' & 'Sicko'

Convenient Bad Guy in 'The Treasure Map'

Dr Feinmann in 'Meena's Nemesis'

Brian Jennings the Wizard & the voice of the Beard of Azarov in 'Wizard's Beard'

Mr Mmmm in 'One with the Night'

Mad Professor in 'One with the Night'

Man from the Ministry in 'Chicken & Egg'

Mr Talking in 'Now You See Me'

TV Producer & Presenter V/O in 'Street of Dreams'

Dog Catcher in 'Psst!'

Photographer in 'The Petition'

Voice-over Man in 'Voice-over Man'

Manic street cleaner (end song)

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