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Copyright © 2009 Tim Bruce.  All rights reserved


Tim Bruce

actor | singer | writer

actor | singer |  writer | voice-over | cartoons | audiobooks | audio description | roleplay | opera | music theatre | Indian music


Audible Approved Narrator/Producer

Voice quality

RP/Native Geordie


Warm, friendly and sparky,  with vivid characterisation


***Earphones Award Winner***


***Nominated for Best Audiobook Narrator*** (SOVAS Voice Arts Awards)


Normal vocal age range: 30's-50's

(plays down to young kids for cartoons and audiobooks, eg: narrates main character of the 'Blade' series - an edgy 14 yr old London street kid)


Born in Newcastle and living in London for over 20 years, Tim has a warm, friendly, characterful voice and works extensively in voice-over, cartoons, ADRs and audiobooks using both RP and Geordie. A regular on BSKYB and BBC, Tim was the voice of Channel 996 for over three years and is an Earphones Award-winning audiobook narrator. with over 150 titles for Publishers all over the world. Tim has aslo created a whole host of cartoon character voices for CBBC, Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network.



American-Southern States, American-Standard, Australian, Cockney, Edinburgh, Essex, French, Geordie*, German, Glasgow, Irish-Northern, Lancashire, Liverpool, London, Manchester, RP*, Russian, Scottish-Standard, South African, Yorkshire.



English*, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Latin.

Also some familiarity with: Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Punjabi.

Cartoon animation

Uncle Alfredo in Molly Monster (animation feature), Slugger Films

Yaki in Arjun 1-3, Turner/Fubuloo

President, The Greenhouse, Fubuloo

William/Danny in Puppy in My Pocket, Boomerang/Little Entertainment

Alfredo/Twiggy in Molly Monster (2 series), BBC/Little Entertainment, dir. Ted Siegler

Winslow in It's a Big Big World (3 series), Nickelodeon, dir. Mitchell Kriegman

Ricco in The Blu Balloon, BBC/Little Entertainment, dir. Ted Siegler

Benny in Toddworld (2 series), BBC/Ten Pin Alley, dir. Chris Rose

Scorpio in Knights of the Zodiac, BBC/Ten Pin Alley, dir. Chris Rose

Toulouse Mongoose in Jake The Snake, BBC/Ten Pin Alley, dir. Plummer-Andrews



NHS Pain App

eBay, commercial

Various, GMG Radio North East

Various, Australian War Museum

Various, Doodle Ads

Narrator, Dark, Cinema Park

Narrator, Architas, Financial Services

Narrator, Human Atlas, Blausen Medical, dir. Wayne Dais

Narrator (2005-07), Channel 996, BSKYB

Narrator (Geordie), HSBC Corporate, Bruce Dunlop Associates

Narrator, Mark Warner commercial, Alan Campbell Prods, dir. Alan Campbell



Narrator, Motion, Cinema Park

Narrator, Fifth Dimension, Ten Pin Alley

Narrator, Bike Ride To Baghdad, Rai Uno/Vishwacom, dir. Giovanni Leoni

Narrator, Experiment With Truth, Intuitiv Travel Films, dir. Gunter Thurner

Presenter, Algorhythmics, Creation Communications, dir. Richard Kurti

Recent voice-over credits

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