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Tim Bruce

actor | singer | writer

actor | singer |  writer | voice-over | cartoons | audiobooks | audio description | roleplay | opera | music theatre | Indian music


Audible Approved Narrator/Producer

Indian music

Indian classical vocal music


Tim first  trained in Indian classical vocal music at the Shri P.K. Salve Academy of Music in Vaitarna in India under Pandit Dr. Arun Apte, where he also studied the relation between music and the energy centres of the Central Nervous System, as an advanced form of music therapy.  Later, he studied under Pandits Rajan & Sajan Misra, the great masters of the Khyal style of Indian classical vocal music. Tim composed and performed various Indian classical music pieces in the Tara Arts production of Mandragora, King of India.



a western fusion group invoking the spiritual music of Southern Asia


Tim is the lead singer of the world music fusion group Sahaj, who have travelled all over the world giving concerts of their own style of fusion with traditional Indian bhajans and Sufi qawwalis. Sahaj has performed in venues ranging from the Royal Albert Hall and Edinburgh Mela where they played to a crowd of 70,000, to festivals in India and toured Morroco in November 2006.



Music meditation  (60 min interactive workshop)


Discover how music can neutralise the stress and strains of modern life during an interactive vocal performance with singer Tim Bruce.


Tim will demonstrate how the notes and ragas of North Indian Classical music can be used to give balance and harmony in everyday life, awaken the Chakras and Kundalini energy of the subtle system, giving us a lasting feeling of peace and tranquility.


Suitable for all ages. No experience necessary.

Tim sings the 'Devi Kavach' (Shri Chandi Kavacham)

in Sanskrit

Charlie chakra

Upcoming concerts


Nothing scheduled

due to Covid-19




Tim sings the 'Shri Siddha Kungika Stotram' in Sanskrit

TB_238a smaller

Tim sings the 'Seed Mantras' of the Chakras in Sanskrit


A heart-warming collection of poignant songs…

soothing and uplifting…

a true pleasure to watch’.  

The Argus, Fri 18 May 2007

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