Some recent theatre reviews

'There are many reason to go see Eternity in an Hour, but perhaps the most compelling is the stunning performance of UK actor Tim Bruce.'

Eternity in an Hour
New York International Fringe Festival 2010
Review by Joanna Bowzer, New York Theatre Review

'Although this is through and through an ensemble piece, one must mention Tim Bruce as Blake - convincingly ageing as the story progresses, and conveying the frustration of the artist misunderstood by his contemporaries.'

William Blake's Divine Humanity 
New Players Theatre.
Review by Colin George (former AD Sheffield Crucible theatre).

brown paper

'The most effective comic performance of the role I can remember.'

Don Giovanni
Music Theatre London, Drill Hall theatre.
Review by Michael Darvell, What's On.

brown paper

'An outstanding principal boy.'

Dick Whittington
Bridlington Spa Theatre.
Review, The Stage.