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'Tim Bruce does a remarkable job... this audiobook begins with a bang and keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.'

The Silent Room by Mari Hannah

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'A chameleon with language, British narrator Tim Bruce clearly enunciates the many French words in this visionary audiobook.
His considerable ability adds authority to a globe-spanning work.'

Miraculous Abundance

Tim was listed twice in the RNIB's top ten most popular narrations:

  (6) Scaredy Cat 
by Mark Billingham
  (10) Sleepyhead 
by Mark Billingham

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'I don’t think anyone else could’ve given my dark fairytale cast such personality and emotional depth.'

Award-winning author A.G. Howard

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'I love the voice - smooth like a dragonship sweeping down a fjord!'  

Wolf Cry (a children's Viking Saga)
Award-winning author Julia Golding

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'It’s a wonderful recording by a first-class reader.
Tim captures the spirit of the book so well.'  

And Such Great Names As These
Author Allen Makepeace

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'I must also say how much I loved the Gita. What an absolute joy to listen to.'

The Bhagavad Gita
Award-winning author Tim Bowler