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Tim Bruce

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Audible Approved Narrator/Producer

Acting & Voice Coaching

Available for individual coaching of actors and students of acting.


• General coaching

• Coaching British RP accent for overseas actors

• Accents

• Preparation for auditions

• Preparation for filming or stage performance

• Developing the speaking or singing voice

• Text work

• Acting for singers


Joy of Words: Voice & Text workshop


• Freeing the inner voice: overcoming physical and emotional blockages

• Spiritual connection and creative flow

• Harmonising the instrument:

         integrating body, voice, breath, intellect, imagination and emotions

• Awakening the resonators of the body

• Words as mantras: awakening the vibrational power of the voice

• Audibility: filling the space with sound

• Vocal energy: developing stamina and maintaining vocal health

• Vocal clarity: purity of consonants and vowels

• Expression: using the voice to articulate complex thoughts and emotions

• Immediacy: how to bring words to life

• Rhythm and metre

• Phrasing and musicality: how to convey meaning through tone and melody

• Mixed messages:

         exploring the differences between semantic and intoned meanings

• Classical text: Shakespeare and Blake





William Blake discovery workshop


• Exploring the themes, images and archetypes of Blakes poetic and                      


prophetic texts through the medium of the voice and the body.

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